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13 Testimonial Tips

10. September 2009 18:46

Testimonials are a good way of sharing existing customers experiences of your products and services with potential customers, and can be powerful marketing tools for your business.

If customers who have bought your product or used your service are willing to praise your company/product or service then new customers will have more confidence in your company and the service you offer.

Amazon.com is a great example of how product testimonials can work for both the consumer and the retailer.

Effective Testimonials

Not all testimonials are equal!  For testimonials to work they have to look and sound genuine. 
Here are a few tips to help you pick and choose which testimonials to publish on your website or company literature.

13 Tips for client testimonials

  1. Never use fake testimonials.
  2. Only use testimonials where you can publish the first name, surname and company* of your customer.
  3. Don't use vague testimonials, favour personal and detailed testimonials.
  4. Potential customers want to read what other customers who have first hand experience of your product thought.
  5. Include a few testimonials that aren't a 100% positive as these will provide credibility.
  6. Ask for feedback rather than a testimonial as it's less formal and you'll receive a better response.
  7. Use photos of your customers to add credibility to your testimonials.
  8. Don't over edit a testimonial, often informal language is perceived as being more genuine.
  9. Use testimonials that back up your product or service benefits.
  10. Address consumer fears in your testimonials and how your customers overcame them.
  11. Include testimonials that answer popular consumers questions about your product or service.
  12. Use testimonials where the end user describes how your product or service enriched their lives/their company etc.
  13. Experiment with video testimonials.  These can be tricky to get right, but can be very effective.

(* company may or may not be applicable depending on your business, but you may want to add location, age etc instead)


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