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Basic Blogging Tools

29. June 2009 15:08

There aren’t many tools you need to blog.  In fact most blogs will just require a web browser such as Internet Explorer or Firefox and an internet connection because they use a web-based interface for posting to your blog.

There are however lots of tools on the internet that make the process of blogging even easier and you will probably find you will discover your own favourite blogging tools as you continue to develop and write to your blog. 

There are tools such as RSS (Really Simple Syndication) readers to help keep you up-to-date on what the blogosphere is discussing on the subjects that matter to you.  There are social services such as Twitter that allow you to follow and share information with peers, colleagues and “thought leaders” within your industry; there are also online bookmarking services such as Delicious which allow you to bookmark web pages which can be accessed from any computer, anywhere in the world and also shared with people in your network.  Other tools like Microsoft OneNote which is part of the Microsoft Office package allows you to collate snippets of information as you browse the web.

A fairly recent discovery for me was Microsoft’s Live Writer, a free Windows blog editor which works with most blogging platforms and makes blogging as easy as writing a Word document. 

If you spend a lot of time away from a computer and an internet connection, its always handy to carry a paper-based notepad where you can jot down any blog topic ideas and outline or even write full posts.  If you have internet access on your mobile phone, you might find Google Reader Mobile useful to read your news subscriptions on-the-go.

5 Free Blog Tools

  • A paper-based notepad – jot down blog post ideas, post outlines or full blog posts
  • An RSS reader – keep informed of the latest topics of discussion (e.g. Google Reader or Bloglines)
  • Live Writer – a free Windows blog editor
  • A social bookmarking account – gather share and organise interesting web pages (e.g. Delicious)
  • A Twitter account – network and share information with peers and key figures in your industry.  Tweetdeck is a must-have application for all Twitter users.


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