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Basic Guide to Editing your Website

29. December 2009 18:33

CMS content tree

Making changes to your website when you have a Content Management System (CMS) couldn’t be easier!

When your website goes live you will be issued with a unique username and password to access to your control panel.

Once you’ve logged in you’ll see a content tree on the left-hand side that represents the pages and hierarchy of your website.

By right-clicking the Home icon with your mouse you’ll access a menu that will allow you to reorder the pages on your website navigation.

By right-clicking an individual web page underneath the home page you’ll be able to revert any changes you make to that page to a previous version just in case you make a change and then need to undo it.


The Web Page Editor

Selecting a page in the tree will allow you to edit that page in the main editor (see below) which is as easy as typing a letter in a word processor like Microsoft® Word.

You’ll be able to modify the text on your web pages, change the style of the text, add and change pictures, insert tables, bullet lists and links etc.

CMS editor

The Editor Toolbar

The editor toolbar is very simple to learn.  Apart from the usual bold, delete, anchor and insert image icons, the three icons on the left are worth explaining further.
The save button Save button saves your changes, but doesn’t update the live site.  The second button Save and publish button saves your changes and publishes your changes to the live website.  The third iconPreview button along previews your changes so you can check them before you publish if you wish.

CMS toolbar

The Media Section

The Media section allows you to manage the files and pictures you upload to use on your website.  You access the Media section via the pane at the bottom left of your CMS window.  These will then be available to add to your web pages via the editor.

Media tree

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