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Determine your Website Objectives

2. August 2009 19:28

In order to build a website that meets your business needs it is important to determine what you want your website to achieve from the outset.  That way the site can be designed to better achieve those goals.

For instance you may wish your website to:

  • Sell your products or services online
  • Build brand awareness of a particular product or service
  • Manage or promote an event
  • Gather market research through surveys etc
  • Generate sales leads for your products or services
  • Provide marketing literature for your products or services
  • Build awareness of your organisation

As you can imagine an ecommerce website would be structured somewhat different to a website promoting an event, but even so it is important that your website objectives are communicated to the web design team, as your objectives may not be immediately clear from your brief.

For example:

If we know a major goal of your site is to generate sales leads.  We will design the site to include "Call to Action" elements to entice the web users (your potential customers) to enquire about your products.

On the other hand if your website is promoting an event, which is taking place in 3 months the search engine marketing plan we would recommend would be completely different to any other type of site and would favour pay-per-click advertising.


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