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Planning a Website

29. November 2009 17:05

Planning a website project

Before jumping into any project it always makes sense to do a little planning beforehand to ensure the project runs smoothly, website projects are no different.

During website planning and brainstorming sessions write down notes and questions you may have.

Follow these basic steps as a guide:

  1. Choose an appropriate domain name.
  2. In a notebook set aside a page for each web page you require on your website and make the page title the name of the web page section.
  3. Begin to jot down notes relating to each website section on its page in your notebook.
  4. Look at your competitors websites and sites you like and use these as inspiration for your website.  Make a note of:
    • Websites you like and why
    • Website you don’t like and why
    • Elements of websites you like (e.g. colours, layout, navigation and content)
  5. Start gathering materials and information you want to put on your website.
    • Company logo
    • Brochures
    • Website text
      • About your company
      • What your company does
      • Contact details
      • List of products/services
    • Photos and images
    • Testimonials

While planning your website you should consider the following:

  1. The purpose or objective of the website
  2. Target audience of the website
  3. How will we drive traffic to the site (get people to visit) – Introduction to search engine marketing
  4. How often will we update the website?  Would a content management system be beneficial?
  5. Development budget, on-going marketing/maintenance budget

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Picture used under Creative Commons from aarontait

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