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Should I Buy Web Hosting with my Domain Name?

24. February 2010 18:39

Frequently asked question:

I've just bought a domain name for my business and was offered a good deal on web hosting, should I buy it?

Our answer:
Before we answer this question, it would help if we understood a bit more about what web hosting actually is.

Data Centre

Web hosting is essentially a leased space where you can upload your website and make it accessible to users on the Internet.

Websites are hosted in data centres which have very fast connections to the internet, they essentially consist of many special computers called servers.  These servers can host anything from one to many hundreds of websites each.  “Web servers” as they are known can use different operating systems too, much the same way as desktop computers can run Windows Vista or Apple OSX, they can also come preinstalled with many different types of software that you can use for your website.

As you can begin to see web hosting from one company isn't necessarily comparable to web hosting from another.  There are lots of factors you need to look at to compare one service to another, and as with computer software, some packages are not compatible with different servers.

As a general rule, we ask customers to avoid purchasing web hosting because the package you purchase might not be suitable for your website.  The CMS (Content Management System) might not be compatible, the server might have too many other websites running on it which may make your website slow to load.  There can also be hidden charges such as extra bandwidth bills if your website becomes really popular or you have videos or other large files on your site.

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