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Understanding Website Analysis

18. March 2010 18:51

Get into the habit of regularly assessing your website.  Examine your web stats, sales, costs and competitors and keep a record of your findings, so that you can track trends and progress in reaching your goals (You do have goals for your website right?).

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Ensure you make a note of dates when you make significant changes to your website as these will allow you to attribute changes in your traffic and visitor behaviour and you’ll know if the changes had a positive effect or not.

Use your web stats to understand:

  • Who your audience is and where they live (What time zones are they in?)
  • Why they are visiting your website (What search terms do your visitors arrive via)
  • How long your visitors spend on your site (Do they only read one page and leave, or do they spend several minutes browsing your site?)
  • What languages they speak (Are your users predominantly English speaking?)

Understand your audience by examining your web stats; never assume you know your audience or their reasons for visiting.

Google Analytics average time on site

If your website stats do not answer all your questions, you may need to consider using a site survey or even adding your questions to your site registration form if you have one.

Create Goals

Decide what actions on your site constitute a conversion and create goals within Google Analytics to measure these conversions.
Conversions do not need to be sales, they could be user registrations, user enquiries or other actions that have some value to your business.

Easy Wins

After examining your site visitor behaviour, try to determine simple tweaks you can apply to your website to improve user experience and encourage more conversions.

Ascertain what sections/pages of your website are popular with your visitors and try to improve these pages so that visitors are greeted with a page more optimised to their needs, thereby increasing the chances of them converting.


Google Analytics map overlay

If you discover a large percentage of visitors are from non-English speaking countries, consider adding a translation widget or getting a professional translation of certain pages/sections or even the whole website, don't take the British attitude and assume everyone speaks English!


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